Sublimation Beginner’s Guide

This Sublimation Beginner’s Guide is for you who are about to embark on a journey that will allow the satisfaction of their customers through the use of their creative ideas, and above all profit from it.

Whether you are a business startup or an entrepreneur who wants to add sublimation technology to an existing business, this little guide will expand your horizons and open your eyes to factors you may not have thought of.

Research and strategy

Sublimation is a digital printing technology that allows the decoration of a wide range of products. For this reason one of the first considerations should be which of these products you will produce. Although it seems simple, this question is actually quite complex and can lead to the unfolding of several other important questions like:

Which market will I focus on? Why is he the best choice? The fact that you want to get into a particular market does not mean that it is good for sublimation. Research well the demands of this market as well as the products and prices with which you will compete. So you will find out if there is room for your product or if you will be just one more bickering for prices up to bankruptcy.

What products are you looking for? There are thousands of products that can be customized with sublimation, and it will be your market that will define which of these are the best choice. This has a profound impact on your decision making process.

Do I have the financial and logistical conditions to produce these products? As you have already searched, compared to other forms of stamping sublimation requires little space and little money to start. But you will still need a printer, ink, paper, thermal press, products (mugs, key chains, T-shirts …) and software. Both the size and the price of all these materials can vary greatly depending on the type of products you want to manufacture.
Do I have the resources to produce and sell the products? Think about the current printing market: is it more about customization or mass production?

Let’s face it, personalization is the most fertile ground for any business to grow today. And selling custom products requires features and strategies differentiated from traditional ones used by mass-produced products sold on the shelves. Production will be more “complex”, requiring more setup and development time. As well as the sale, where it may be interesting to set up a mobile structure that can be taken to festivals and events where production and sale will be done on time (printers and large presses can be a hindrance in this strategy).

Do you have “horny” in making these products? If not, you may not use your full potential to make your sublimation business work. Choose to work with products that motivate you to produce and sell them.

Once you have identified the products you are going to produce, it is time to develop your business plan. It is probably the most important step in ensuring the success of your business. A good business plan should cover the marketing model, goals, marketing strategies and other steps to make your business grow.

When developing your business plan always keep in mind the potential customer, how to reach it and how much it has to spend. This will save you a lot of money and time.

To delve deeper into the business plan, I suggest you look up the Sebrae and read Guy Kawasaky’s The Art of the Beginning.

And then?
Now that you know what you want to produce and have a strong business plan, it’s time to invest in the equipment. To sublimate you will basically need a computer, a sublimation printer and a thermal press. In the next article I’ll talk more about how to choose the right printer and press to sublimate.

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