o que é Friendzone

But I want to tell a little of my story with you and how I solved this problem and get out of friendzone.


I was the polite and playful guy who made her laugh all the time, she even told me that she seemed to know me for years, I really thought I was in the chat that night, but that day she did not stay with anyone, let alone with me , But I had hope because she talked to me all night and was enjoying my conversation.

Spent a few days and talk will talk comes until I came across the following situation ….

I had become a friend to her, an agent got on so well and talked so much that I became her friend, and how to get out of this war of seduction?

Friendzone that will help you to conquer that school friend you’re related to.
War of Seduction destroying friendzone will give you tools to become the alpha male and increase the chances to conquer that hot friend of yours before she gets to another, so it’s worth remembering that this method is not meant to catch anyone’s wife and If this is your situation maybe this training is not for you
War of Seduresults.


The call, the area of ​​friendship, which describes the situation, to fall in love with someone and the same, and does not correspond, becomes close, intimate, that is, a friend.

It may also happen, in long-standing relationships, where suddenly, one side, finds himself interested and attracted, by his friend.


ction aims to make you arouse magnetic attraction in your friend that before seeing you as a gay friend and not as a possible lover or boyfriend.
You will have all the tools and tips to change the way your friend sees you awakening in her the powerful attraction triggers that will make her want to give and have orgasms with you.
Conquering your friend is from school, college will be possible for you with the war of seduction destroying the friendzone who is with all the information well structured in order to give you the best

Oil. If you try to preserve this partnership, it will be extremely painful because you will hear confidences, outbursts and even possible declarations of love, all referring to each other.


f you are friends, it is because you live together, correct? So to know how to win a girlfriend to date, you have to arouse her interest. If she has not been interested in you so far, a statement can change a lot. Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll get herself then, in that case, you do not need help, but if she does not feel the same, something needs to be awakened.


In contrast, if you try to win over a friend and there is resistance from her, the relationship may not be the same, no matter how hard you try to maintain normalcy.

Both cases we need to make a decision.

Let her see you in another way


I met a girl a few months ago at a friends party, I found her beautiful and wanted to be nice at the beginning of this friendship, I started to play, talk to be fun and did not want to show interest right away because I was afraid to scare her, so I decided to take a different path from what my competitors of that day were treading.


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