Do you think nudity should be accepted in ads

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta of NYC-based label Eckhaus Latta have always been known for their daring and inventive approach to fashion. But for the label’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, the creative duo took the age old tactic of sex sells to a whole new level, showing real couples and Craigslist’s cast having real sex in front of the camera. Shot by photographer and friend Heji Shin, the bold NSFW campaign offers a full-frontal, no-frills look at sexuality pompoarismo and its role in culture, fashion and advertising. Though the provocative subject matter of the campaign attracts the attention of many, Eckhaus Latta is more “amused by the relationship between fashion advertising and sexuality, and more interested in producing images that are open to interpretation.” silicone food wrap

“Real sex, after all, is beautiful” and is an “acceptable — and integral — part of being a human being,” says the duo. Flip through the photographs above and share your thoughts in the comments.

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It’s obvious that sex sells.  This goes without saying.  However, in most ads, we’ve gotten used to this.  The only thing is, though, these ads have their limits.  Companies can only show so much on an ad before it becomes smut.  However, one company has decided to basically say “f*ck it,” having their models straight up bang.  Now, these models are actually couples in real life, but still…  It’s pretty wild.  Keep reading to see real couples having real sex prazer sexual  in this brand’s new campaign.

Do you think nudity should be accepted in ads?  Let us know in the comments! silicone food wrap


Super excited. Have you ever been turned on by an ad? Sure you have. But who can blame you? Most advertisements these days are chock full of sexuality; so much so that they can pretty much put anyone in the mood for sex — while also feeling inclined to purchase a new pair of pants. That’s advertising for you…

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